Testimonials - AW Mentorship


I would recommend this mentorship to everyone from toddler to 102 years old, if they still have hearing, because it has greatly impacted my life.

O. Joiner, New York




I would recommend this class to all leaders, potential leaders, and people in business.

W. Turner




It (AW Mentorship) has impacted my life greatly. It has helped me put in perspective my spiritual walk, my family, as well as my business. I would highly recommend this class to everyone out there. You will be tremendously blessed."

A. Taylor, New Jersey




I can't tell you how important it is for you to try and be a part of this mentorship program. It's a life changing experience that I think anyone who wants to move to the next level should be a part of.

C. Simon, New Jersey




Truly this mentorship has been impeccable and a bench mark of success. It has really been a blessing to my life. We all can take from what we learn this day and take it back to our local ministries...I look forward to really utilize the tools that were given and the impartation I received even for my professional life as a professional information technology director. I am just so grateful to the woman of God."

K. Moses




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