About - AW Mentorship

Inspired by a passion for the multi-dimensional success of individuals from all walks of life, AW Mentorship was launched in 2011 as a vehicle of preparation, education and empowerment. Based on the wisdom gained by its founder, Dr. Aretha Wilson during her 25 plus years of leadership and professional experience, AW Mentorship seeks to facilitate the advancement of individuals, teams and businesses through the application of canonical principles to everyday life and business practices. With special attention paid to the areas of character development, ethical behavioral and visionary thinking , AW Mentorship participants are equipped not only to reach new dimensions of success but to do so without compromising their reputations, principles and values.

Currently AW Mentorship offers three distinctive tracts:



AW Mentorship - Providing a roadmap to personal success and advancement, this program focuses on individual empowerment. Seminars focus on the areas of goal setting, personal planning, financial responsibility, character development and image building to name a few.

F.L.O. (For Leaders Only) - Based on the wealth of leadership experience she gained in various industries and capacities, Dr. Wilson has created a forum which focuses on meeting the unique needs of leaders in a transparent environment.

A More Excellent Way - Designed for those looking to take their organization, business or ministry to the next level, this program provides a large array of informational resources, staff training, and networking opportunities.

The unique AW Experience is highly recommended by those that have benefitted from our high impact and interactive seminars.

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